WINNER(S) - The Penaddict Prize Crossword!

First of all - wow. Thanks everyone who tried, failed, laughed and cried. To three people in particular, the fact that you got almost EVERY clue should worry you. If you can untangle the thoughts of my twisted mind then you have my sympathies.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out the Crossword itself - you have missed the prize draw, but you can still have fun - spoilers below!

Out of more entries than I expected, three stood out - with just one answer wrong, so I have decided to award three prizes, with the grand prize chosen based on submission time. The solutions (and explanations) are below, but first, the winners!

  • Joe Cabrera - a last minute correction to Diamine meant the only mistake was "ENABLERS" - wins a Lamy 2000
  • Joe Austen - missed "DIAMINE" - but still takes home a Lamy AL Star
  • Terry Kavanagh - missed "MINUSKIN"- and takes home the Lamy Vista

Congratulations all of you - get in touch and let me know where to send them! And thanks again to everyone. For those who listen to Analog(ue), the first show was Myke and Casey discussing how it felt to "put something out into the world". I had no idea whether anyone would care about this, but the response was great. To know that people have spent real time on a puzzle I put together, and that they enjoyed doing so, is incredibly rewarding!